Video Production

We produce high-quality, high-definition videos that can highlight your area of expertise, feature an important research milestone, or enhance your teaching with a visual form of communication. Broadcast television veteran Carolyn Pennington and the video production team, Frank Barton, Ron Collins, and Ethan Giorgetti, can help you record, edit and distribute a video that can be used to enrich your presentation or your website.

How to Get Started

To start your project, fill out our Multimedia Strategy Form. This will get you thinking about the specific message, audience and tone you would like your website to communicate.

The Kickoff

Members of our team will meet with you to discuss the content requirements outlined in the strategy form and brainstorm with you about the logistics (locations, number of cameras, etc.) involved in fulfilling those requirements.

The Process

Our team will help guide you through each phase of the production process, from scriptwriting, recording, editing, review, approval, and the final product.

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