Media Training

  • Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus on WTIC
    Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus updates WTIC listeners on the Ebola virus.
  • Dr. Kristina Zdanys on NBC Connecticut
    Dr. Kristina Zdanys offers her expertise on Alzheimer's disease to NBC Connecticut.
  • Media training session
    Broadcast media veterans Chris DeFrancesco and Carolyn Pennington will help you get comfortable with speaking in front of a microphone or camera.

Carolyn Pennington and Chris DeFrancesco, two former broadcast journalists, offer their industry experience to prepare you to communicate with the public through the news media. Media training is a great way to replace the fear and anxiety of public speaking with readiness and confidence.

What to Expect

Our sessions last less than an hour and generally include:

  • An overview of how the news media work
  • Why it’s important to cooperate with the media
  • The rules of engagement with reporters
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Staying on message
  • Handling a difficult question
  • What (not) to wear
  • A mock live TV interview (We’ll play it back and see how you do!)
  • Your questions

We modify the session to suit your needs, and you can always come back for a refresher.

Who Could Use Media Training?

  • Clinicians new to UConn Health who wish to inform the community of their practice
  • Clinicians who could use more patients
  • Experts in specialties of interest to the public
  • Clinicians with interesting patient stories
  • Researchers whose work reaches a noteworthy milestone
  • Researchers who can share their expert perspective on a study that’s in the news
  • Researchers seeking study participants
  • Administrators who can speak about big­ picture topics
  • Leadership who could be a spokesperson in a crisis
  • Faculty who can offer an academic perspective on a topic
  • Students with an interesting story to tell
  • Anyone who may have reason to be interviewed by the media